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Top Ten Current Australian Beatmakers

Its no secret that we here at LYFSTYL absolutely love beat music. So we decided to do a new series under our Top Tens categories. Where we will count down our favourite beatmakers from all over the world. Here is the first instalment of the series: We present to you our favourite AUSTRALIAN BEATMAKERS.

  1. Ta-ku
  2. Flash Forest
  3. Thrupence
  4. Flume
  5. Andras Fox
  6. Galapagoose
  7. Oisima
  8. Slamagotchi 
  9. Kilter
  10. Oscar Key Sung

Source: lyfstylmusic.com

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    fuckn bogus. oscar key sung fukn sux in comparison to Electric Sea Spider. and fuck flume. here is my list: Electric Sea...
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